About us

About the project

With the support of the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD), Action Against Hunger implements the project  in partnership with Kakheti Regional Development foundation


Project aim 

Support an inclusive and community-led approach to rural development to improve the quality of life and economic conditions in Akhmeta Municipality.


Innovative Community Lef Local Development  (CLLD) Approach

The approach promotes the CLLD methodology, which is a bottom-up, participatory approach that should include a broad cross-section of the community in its implementation.  CLLD is an approach to rural development that is being used internationally, as a recognized best practice for participatory and inclusive development.

There are three main elements of the CLLD approach.  These are:

Ø  Local Action Group (LAG)

Ø  Local Development Strategy (LDS)

Ø  Rural Development Sub-Grants


Local Development Strategy (LDS)

Through a participatory approach, the LAG will develop the LDS which outlines the main development priorities and is the key document to support the delivery of rural development sub-grants.


What will the project support?

The project will support sub-grant proposals that are in line with the LDS and that will help the development of the local community and economy.